My favorite garden is the one hanging over my kitchen sink. It's a hanging herb garden in a regular saucer shaped plastic hanging pot. I planted sage and parsley and will add thyme and maybe some basil. It's my favorite because it's pretty, it provides us with fresh herbs for seasoning our meals and saves money, and all I have to do to take care of it is squirt it once in awhile with the faucet sprayer. Oh, and no weeding! We have the usual vegetable garden out doors, but I also decided to try something a little different this year. I'm making the leap to container vegetables on my deck. Thought it might be handy to have tomatoes and bell peppers at my fingertips since we use these almost daily. We potted them up in 20 gallon containers using some great soil we found at the nursery. I sure hope this works cuz I hate weeds and this should eliminate that too!

Well, the container garden was a huge success!! The only thing I noticed that was different from a garden patch in the ground, was they seemed to need more water, and NO WEEDS!! Wonderful! The tomato and assorted bell peppers came in hearty and plentiful. I even got a couple of cantaloupe, which I've never been successful with in the ground, our growing time is a little too short for them. The only crop that didn't take well to containers was the zuchinni squash. They got some kind of a mold on them and just didn't produce in good quantities like they do in the ground.

So, Container Gardens? You Bet!!!

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