Hair Scrunchies or Hair Ties, which ever you want to call them.

I was playing around with different threads and yarns and stumbled onto these. This isn't going to be a formal pattern, I'm just gonna tell ya what I did and you can take it from there.
Isn't that what us "creative people" do anyway? :)

I used #10 J.& P. Coats Old Fashioned Crochet 100% Cotton thread and keyplate #1. I e-wrap casted on (hmmmm how do you make that gramatically correct) 40-50 needles (you can adjust this to any number you want, more makes a more wrinkley scrunchie) and knitted it until it looked long enough, (sorry, can't remember how many rows it was) took out the hem and brought the bottom up and hung the bottom edge onto the needles so that I had 2 loops on each needle, knit one row and bound it off, creating a tube. Cut a length of 1/4" elastic, threaded it through and tied the 2 ends of elastic together in a tight knot and stitched up the seam. Viola! Hair Scrunchie! I only had white thread so I dipped one into some liquid Rit dye for the green one.

I tried this with the Peaches and Cream cotton and it made one that was useable but way too thick. Kind'a looks like I have a dish rag (cloth) around my hair :)